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Bin Cleaning and Maintenance tips

We offer the service of annual cleans on a monthly basis to protect you and your bin from having a smelly, dirty and infested wheelie bin.

Wheelie bins allow for an easier and, more secure waste collection system! Because they come in many sizes, they can cater to any household size. Thanks to their mobility, keeping them out of site until collection day is made easy.
We can make that even easier by providing you with wheelie bin enclosures.

Wheelie bin costs:
80ltr bin £15          120ltr bin £28          140ltr bin £30          240ltr bin £35          660 ltr bin £144.00          
660 ltr front unload & lid bin £175.00          1100 ltr 4 wheeled bin£288.00
Call today to order your new bin!

As the warmer weather sets in, wheelie bins become somewhat of a health hazard, especially if they are neglected. Flies and maggots (the larva state of common houseflies) become an issue, and the smell of the decomposing food waste starts to attract pests, and repel human beings!

In between using our service of cleaning your  bins, here are a few tips for you on how to prevent a smelly, dirty and infested wheelie bin!


  • pour boiling water into the container and rinse the interior out
  • add bleach or disinfectant to the water, although we recommend the green alternative of only using water!
  • try covering maggots with lime, salt or vinegar, which does them out!


  • always bag loose rubbish, invest in good quality bin liners to ensure they don’t fray or tear as you handle them.
  • do not overfill garbage bags as they cannot be closed properly and can come apart in your wheelie bin, overflowing bins cannot be shit completely and also invites pests in.
  • do not leave cooked food waste exposed in the kitchen, as this attracts flies.
  • double wrap fish, meat, used nappies and pet waste (food and Feces) to ensure they don’t smell & cannot come loose
  • squeeze out any remaining air from garbage bags, this ensures you can close your bin properly and slows the decomposition process
  • keep your bin out of direct sunlight, as this is a sure way to encourage maggot growth and stronger smells from waste decomposition.

Please do consider employing the service of our bin cleaning company “Cornwall Wheelie Bin Cleaning Ltd’ as when we do clean your bin on a monthly basis we will also leave you with three large bin liners so you can re-line your bin after each waste collection from the council. By doing this it does help with the maintenance  of your wheelie bin, ready for the next great clean from our team.